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Always having the most important stuff with oneself, if possible in a stylish manner without any concessions regarding your mobility.

In addition you should be able to store everything in an organised and save manner: that was the vision, which led us to design the first drafts of today´s SOURCE-CODE FuncBag. The following prototype FuncBags very rapidly caused a sensation and attained cult status with the ”early birds” of the town very soon.

The first profits were gathered in order to protect the brand SOURCE-CODE and the design of the FuncBag internationally. Being confronted with such tremendous feedback, it was clear that the design of the prototype FuncBags should be brought to perfection in order to make them ready for production. The kick-off for the first large-scale production followed soon and as a consequence additional channels of distribution were added to the already existing direct distribution: a new webshop was programmed and designed and the first stores began to list our FuncBags.

Initially it was the Viennese who could shop their FuncBags in their favourite fashion stores, most of them located in Vienna´s 7th district, which is the preferred shopping mile of the town´s trend-setters. Additional stores in other districts of Vienna and in other cities followed soon.

In order to safeguard these first success stories and to be prepared for further growth, we founded the SOURCE-CODE Marketing & Trading OG, located in Vienna, Austria in April 2008..

Besides production and distribution of FuncBags, specially designed legbags which are customized for different professions are developed, produced and distributed under the label SOURCECODE ProBag.
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